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Hi guys! Please add the Wattpad Block Party book to your libraries! I'm part of the lineup for February!

I will be posting the Eros-Psyche one shot that I've never posted online before and was just published as part of anthologies. The #WattpadBlockParty is the only place where you'll find this so stay tuned!


Date When I'll Be Featured: February 26, 2018!

Title: ​"I Met Love in a Bar" (Myths Finding Love #2.5) 

Also, I'll be having a giveaway! See details below:

A lucky winner from the Philippines would get the chance to win a signed copy of 'The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract' and 5 winners from other countries can win ebooks!


So please add the book to your library and wait for further announcements (especially the day I get featured!)

Link to book:

Oh and please follow me on Twitter (@AerithSage) for real-time updates and announcements. Thank you!

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