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Since the dawn of time, Hades, the King of the Underworld has been alone in the gloom realm of the dead. Cursing the eternity he'll spend alone, he thinks it might be time for him to step down and simply fade away.

Until she came along...

She was created by the Fates specifically for him. She’s the fated love he’s been waiting for all these years. But like all things in his life, she came with death – a prophecy that foretold a very short life.

But a fated love is a love unlike any other and now that she’s here, he’ll never let her go. Hell would freeze over before someone takes her away from him. He wants his eternity with her badly and he’ll do everything he can to make that possible. He’ll teach her how to love him, how to fit in with the Olympians and also everything she needs to know about how to be a queen.

Links / Status



Currently editing / rewriting some parts. I will post the edited chapters up on Inkitt as soon as I am finished editing them.

Edited parts will also be posted on Wattpad but will be really delayed. Inkitt will always be advanced and I will post chapters on Inkitt as soon as I have them. No wait time.

Planning to self-publish this as well and hoping I can release it before the year ends.


Stay tuned for further announcements!


From @wp_aesthetics on Twitter

From @wp_aesthetics on Twitter

From @RollonAllyson on Twitter

From @RollonAllyson on Twitter

Sent by Denise O.

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